2023 Top 15 Small Kitchen Appliances Every Home Needs

Having a well-functioning kitchen can make everyday cooking and food preparation easier and more enjoyable. With the right appliances, you can save time and energy while creating delicious meals. In this article, we will explore the top 15 small kitchen appliances that every home needs.

Who Needs These Small Kitchen Appliances?

These small kitchen appliances can be useful for anyone who wants to streamline their cooking process and make it more efficient. Whether you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or a student living in a dorm, having these appliances on hand can make meal prep faster and easier.

What Are Small Kitchen Appliances?

Small kitchen appliances are countertop devices that are designed to make specific tasks easier and more efficient. They can range from basic tools like toasters and blenders to more specialized appliances like pressure cookers and sous vide machines.

When Should You Use Small Kitchen Appliances?

Small kitchen appliances can be used anytime you need to prepare food quickly and efficiently. They are especially useful for busy weeknights when you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. They can also come in handy when entertaining guests or for special occasions.

How To Choose The Right Small Kitchen Appliances?

When choosing small kitchen appliances, consider your cooking style and the types of foods you like to prepare. Also, think about the size of your kitchen and available storage space. Look for appliances that are easy to use and clean, and that offer the features you need.

Pros and Cons of Small Kitchen Appliances


  • Save time and energy
  • Make meal prep easier and more efficient
  • Can help you create new and interesting dishes
  • Offer a range of specialized functions


  • Can take up valuable counter and storage space
  • May be expensive
  • Some appliances may require a learning curve to master
  • May not be suitable for all cooking styles or diets

Alternatives to Small Kitchen Appliances

If you don’t have the space or budget for small kitchen appliances, there are alternative tools and methods you can use. For example, a sharp knife and cutting board can replace a food processor or chopper, while a stovetop pressure cooker can replace an electric one.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Small Kitchen Appliances


  1. Select your bread and place it in the toaster slots.
  2. Choose your preferred setting (light, medium, dark).
  3. Press down the lever to start toasting.
  4. When the toast pops up, remove it from the toaster and enjoy!


  1. Add your ingredients to the blender jar.
  2. Secure the lid and make sure it’s properly fitted.
  3. Select your blending speed and pulse as needed.
  4. Blend until your ingredients are smooth and well-combined.

Coffee Maker

  1. Add water to the reservoir and pour coffee grounds into the filter basket.
  2. Turn on the coffee maker and wait for it to brew.
  3. Once the coffee is ready, pour it into your mug and add any desired cream or sugar.

Compare Small Kitchen Appliances

Instant Pot vs Slow Cooker

Instant Pot:

  • Can cook meals faster than a slow cooker
  • Offers a range of functions including pressure cooking, saut√©ing, and steaming
  • Requires a learning curve to master

Slow Cooker:

  • Offers a convenient way to cook meals slowly over the course of several hours
  • Can be left unattended while cooking
  • May not offer as many specialized cooking features as an Instant Pot

Tips for Using Small Kitchen Appliances

  • Read the manual carefully before using a new appliance
  • Clean appliances thoroughly after each use
  • Store appliances in a safe and secure location when not in use
  • Use caution when handling blades or hot surfaces

The Best Small Kitchen Appliances of 2023

  1. Air Fryer
  2. Blender
  3. Coffee Maker
  4. Instant Pot
  5. Juicer
  6. Sous Vide Machine
  7. Toaster
  8. Waffle Maker
  9. Food Processor
  10. Slow Cooker
  11. Hand Mixer
  12. Electric Kettle
  13. Immersion Blender
  14. Stand Mixer
  15. Rice Cooker

FAQs About Small Kitchen Appliances

  1. Do I really need small kitchen appliances?
  2. Small kitchen appliances can make cooking and meal prep easier and more efficient, but they are not essential. It depends on your cooking style and preferences.
  1. What should I look for when buying small kitchen appliances?
  2. Consider your cooking style and the types of foods you like to prepare. Also, think about the size of your kitchen and available storage space. Look for appliances that are easy to use and clean, and that offer the features you need.
  1. Are small kitchen appliances expensive?
  2. Small kitchen appliances range in price from very affordable toquite expensive, depending on the brand and features. It’s important to set a budget and prioritize the appliances that are most important for your needs.
  1. How do I clean small kitchen appliances?
  2. Most small kitchen appliances can be cleaned with soap and water or a damp cloth. Refer to the manual for specific cleaning instructions and make sure to unplug the appliance before cleaning.
  1. Are there any safety concerns with small kitchen appliances?
  2. Yes, small kitchen appliances can pose safety risks if not used properly. Make sure to read the manual carefully before using a new appliance, use caution when handling hot surfaces or blades, and store appliances safely when not in use.


In conclusion, small kitchen appliances can be a great addition to any home, making meal prep easier and more efficient. By considering your cooking style, available space, and budget, you can choose the appliances that are right for you. Remember to always read the manual carefully and use caution when handling appliances to ensure safe and enjoyable cooking experiences.

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